Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Oh, my dog!
Woof: an Episcopalian paints ‘icons’ of dogs... and wonders why the Orthodox are offended

This outdoes Robert Lentz and his friends and that’s hard to do.

Father, forgive.

As I was saying yesterday:
...offensive especially to the Orthodox tradition for roughly the same reasons Hindus were offended at Madonna’s (erm, Esther’s) wearing a bindi for a while or observant Jews are by her perhaps well-meant tributes to Kabbalah like the video where she’s wearing phylacteries (only men wear those) and has the name of God in Hebrew written on a prop (a big no-no in their faith) and her latest song meant to honour one of Kabbalah’s most revered rabbis (doing that broke another rule apparently).
And Bernard Brandt wrote:
Orthodox iconography is a devotional and an artistic form which has its origin the veneration of the saints of the Orthodox Church. To the best of my knowledge, neither good Queen Bess nor a Welsh Cardigan or Pembroke have been so canonized or venerated by that Church. To draw "icons" that attempt to do so is to show disrespect to the proper purpose and use of icons, and to the Church in which iconography was born.

And, on the other hand, (to end on a good note), I believe that all those (Orthodox or not) who venerate the saints and their icons are among those of good will. Peace be to them, and to you all.
Finally, this isn’t the Anglicanism that introduced me to the Catholic faith and its praxis nearly 30 years ago.

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