Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Sylvester Stallone by Ward Sutton

Yo! A sixth Rocky film (yo, bugmenot, do your thing!)
Stallone is 59 now and he’s going to play a competitive boxer? There’s an explanation.

David Smith on the rowhouse where Rocky was filmed
It’s in Polish and Irish Kensington (very different to the London original), near very Polish Port Richmond, not in Italian South Philly

From blog member Samer al-Batal
killermovies entry on this
Samer: I was brought up in the ’80s, and like any happy victim, I am condemned to the occasional bout of nostalgia for things — hopefully not the silly, stupid things — of that time. ( has a good deal of affectionate parodies and references to what was spawned by that decade.)

[Nothing to be ashamed of — it’s when I came of age and so I’ve got some synth Europop on my computer at home thanks to Kazaa ... and Rubik’s Cube was cool; had to get a book to descramble it!]

Samer: The Rocky films are fondly remembered. I doubt 15 or so years later this upcoming instalment will be imbued with the feel of its predecessors any more than a new Indiana Jones film would at this time, but I’d give this one a look.

And here’s an interesting article on the upcoming film via an LRC blog entry. [End.]

Even though Rocky fought back and Our Lord seemed passive to the Romans and the Jews, does a wounded Rocky in the ring, like the bottom-left part of the picture, remind anybody else of the Passion and Crucifixion? With his arms raised as the champ — like the statue in front of the Art Museum in the movies, now in front of the old Spectrum in South Philly IIRC — he’s like Christus Victor, seeming to lose but really winning on the cross and later harrowing hell and coming back to life in the flesh.

P.S. The middle-left part of the picture is from Cop Land, worth seeing. Sly fattened up for the part of Freddy Heflin and either did it for free or for scale, ars gratia artis.

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