Saturday, November 19, 2005

Anglican doings
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The trouble with the Anglican Communion Network
Un-Catholic and stuck in a loop repeating history: ‘the Elizabethan settlement (and the Episcopal Church pre-Gene Robinson) failed once so let’s re-create it exactly so it can fall apart again’

Legitimate criticism that doesn’t sound like gay excuses for ECUSA (there’s a fine line between that and the English tolerant conservatism — one’s vices are one’s own business — that is a gift of Anglo-Catholicism).

While it’s relatively good that there are women ministers who are in fact Christians one can’t escape the irony that even they are being driven out of ECUSA. It’s an interesting inversion of what Gary North recently described: Yale University’s chapel recently cutting its ties to the United Church of Christ* because the UCC are too conservative! (Well, Ralph Waldo Emerson and a dear older lady, no longer with us, I used to work with left the Unitarians for that reason!) The ladies are only relatively conservative like the UCC in this case.

Here’s Fr Lee Nelson on just how Protestant this compromise is.

Mainstream RC bishops are similarly ‘defending tradition established in the 1970s’, though that they’re complaining so much may mean some real undoing of their changes may happen!

Rumour has it the Roman Mass will be ‘liberated’ today from the restrictions slapped on it. I’ll believe it when I see it.

*The Congregationalists (English Presbyterians) who founded the place and who’ve just about caught up with their Unitarian (non-Christian) offspring in their unbelief. Which is what Calvinism always shatters into, says Archbishop Robert Morse. Friend John Treat has observed that the Episcopalians, the UCC and the Unitarians are competing in the same market — upper-middle-class whites hungry for ‘spirituality’ on their own terms — for members.

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