Saturday, November 19, 2005

From A Catechumen’s Walk via Fr Joseph Huneycutt
Traditional religions vs Protestantism
On Islam, the Mormonism of Orthodoxy, and how Prots just don’t get it
Mohammedanism is not a perversion of Protestantism; it does not share its roots, a background of 700 years, and most of its tradition with Protestantism. It shares those things with us. The Moslems don’t hate the Protestants; they just don’t GET the Protestants. Of course, the same can be said for the Protestants; they just don’t get the Moslems.
Or why Fr Seraphim (Rose) (search the blog for my last word on him) liked René Guenon.

Fr Louis Massignon got it as well.
In a 1939 article, Massignon deplored how "Germanized Ashkenazim have taken the Palestinian issue into their hands, with the perfect and implacable technique of the most exasperating of colonialisms: slowly pushing the Arab ‘natives' toward the desert." (Source.)

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