Monday, November 14, 2005

Pagans in the Ukraine celebrate Svaroh (Сварог)
Tee hee hee
The Ukrainian Halych [Galician] Orthodox Pagans celebrated the Day of Svaroh at Ascension Park in western Ukrainian Lviv on 6 November 2005.
Oh, dear — how many casual readers in the West will think these Vanya-come-latelys are Eastern Orthodox? Readers who possibly thought the demeaning ‘Eastern European’ schtick on ‘Taxi’ was authentic. For all of Eastern Europe’s problems, they and their churches didn’t deserve that.

These pagans have a right to be wrong, in this case silly, probably pinching Christian ethics while making up their own theology and ritual just like neo-pagans in the West.

So if these are Orthodox Pagans what are the other pagans? Evil New Calendarist Pagans (‘they celebrate Svaroh on the wrong date!’), part of ‘World Paganism’ and ecumenism (‘they’re nice to Wiccans!’)?

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