Wednesday, November 30, 2005

From Slate
Does anybody else see something symbolically appropriate about this story?
As rule of law crumbles and turns into bird sh*t

Who/what should run the Internet?
The free market of course — it’s doing a fine job

The gay*-priest scandal
The Pope is predictably slagged
The Holy See is right to demand chastity in one’s state of life. That’s not just a rule; it’s the gospel, non-negotiable. The critics have a point, though, that there seems to be an option to ban someone — from ordination, not from full membership in the church! — simply because of his orientation. Rome can of course do that as a matter of discipline but it would be unfortunate. Right now they seem to be steering a middle course between those who want to do that and the present longstanding unacceptable status quo. ‘If you are homosexual, then show in the past three years of your life that you intend to live chastely’ is fair. No-one has the right to be ordained, by the way.

*Robert Cooper says it better than I could.

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