Thursday, November 17, 2005

LRC picks
The truth about Bill Buckley
On his 80th birthday. I like his manner and, based on Nearer My God (use the Amazon link to the right to buy this), his religion but he’s a traitor to classical liberalism/American conservatism.

... and about Woodrow Wilson
And his secret police, by the late great Murray Rothbard

And the British are far from blameless
By A.N. Wilson

Eric Margolis’ latest
While I wouldn’t mind the overthrow of the House of Saud I don’t think Mr Bush’s minders have that plan, and of course I’d like to see the Arabians do it themselves and perhaps replace that anti-Christian régime with the Baath Party or something like it

And don’t forget to read Mr Margolis’ own site, linked in the column to the right

Famous lost words
Be wary of foreign entanglements.
- George Washington

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