Thursday, November 24, 2005

On the death penalty
And why it should be exceedingly rare, the near-seamless garment position of this blog, different from pro-abortion cant — ‘safe, legal and rare’ — because there isn’t moral equivalence between an unrepentant murderer and an ‘inconvenient’ baby

One from TCR News via Katolik Shinja
One from Fr James Tucker:
...the very fact that this sort of thing can happen brings the whole institution (at least in Texas) into disrepute. And what does the government say after it intentionally kills a man for a crime he didn't commit? If there is some uncertainty about the guilt of the convict, how much uncertainty is too much? And do we really want to continue entrusting the government the ultimate coercive power of life and death?
• And the same story from the LRC blog

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