Saturday, November 26, 2005

Three from LRC
Tactics for the anti-war movement
• But the price of oil has gone up
• What you’ll have after Iraqisation (even now Mr Bush’s minders are talking about pulling out 60,000 soldiers*) is an Islamic revolution that will disrupt the oil supply, none of which would have happened if the country hadn’t been invaded
• Israel: living off World War II guilt (a look at the West Bank wall should disabuse one of that) and the fantasies of the Protestant religious right (more below)

Has Cheney gone mad?
Memo to Mr C: Osama bin Laden never did and does not control Iraq, but hey, they all look alike to you anyway

Side note on something both my girlfriend and I have noticed: bin Laden and Saddam Hussein are almost always referred to in the mainstream media by their first names, which there’s no good reason for as there are are no other really (in)famous bin Ladens in the West and Jordan is now ruled by King Abdullah II.

The loopy Protestant religious right
Pat Robertson reminds Eric Margolis of that menace

*Kevin Zeese rightly notes:
...will we recognize that a partial withdrawal of tens of thousands of troops, while a good thing, is really being done to confuse the Iraq War debate? The people must keep demanding – 'Bring the troops home now!' – and not be fooled by a partial withdrawal.

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