Sunday, December 18, 2005

Answering anti-Catholic polemics about the Atonement
Appeasing an angry Father and all that:
I grew up in the pre-Vatican II ’50s, in an urban neighborhood so Catholic I wasn't aware other communions even existed. I was taught by some pretty tough-cookie nuns, and if they'd believed that the Son was satisfying an Angry Father, believe me, they'd have said so. But guess what? They NEVER did. I never encountered that view of the Atonement until I ran into Reformational Protestants, many many years later.

Another thing. My kids are being home-catechized with some pre-VCII materials. These very old materials say
NOTHING--nothing--about Jesus satisfying the wrath of an Angry Father. Nothing. One book--an illustrated section of the old Baltimore Catechism [America’s version of the Penny Catechism] --sticks in my mind especially. It shows Our Lord on the Cross, with fire streaming from His Sacred Heart up to the Father. The Father looks down on His Son with inexpressible love. The caption talks about how the love of Christ rose to the Father and also came down to us (there's another stream of fire going down to Mary, beneath the Cross) through the Crucifixion. If that conveys "Appeasing Angry Father" to you, then I suggest you may need your eyes checked.
- Diane Kamer

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