Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Asperger syndrome
Missing mirror neurons may be the cause
Exciting! If it’s true, considering what people are doing with cells, DNA, etc., maybe scientists can create or fix these, curing AS and autism!

Another article I read said that the brains of autistic-spectrum people have a lot of undeveloped cells that would be functioning in normal people.

Time to figure out out to fire up those neurons! (Cletus, get me those jumper cables next to the battery tester...)

But alas, it could be another dead end. Once upon a time the experts blamed bad mothering for these disorders.

Correction to the article: trust me, people with AS don’t necessarily lack empathy — they feel for you but have trouble reading you and you them. Full-blown autistics probably do lack empathy. Put another way, the person with AS who doesn’t know he has it, or doesn’t understand it, wants to reach out to you but doesn’t know how (normal people don’t have to consciously think about how); the autistic person probably doesn’t.

As I like to say, it’s a learning disability like being dyslexic, not a mental illness.

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