Saturday, December 17, 2005

At the cinema
Sarah Silverman
Putting aside Narnia (I read the books as a kid) and gay-cowboy stories (here’s my take on gayness) for now (let’s leave those to the culture-warriors to rip into each other about) I wanted to see what all the hipster buzz was about — is the ‘meta’ thing real or is she only nasty? Her act is for adults but she’s real — smart, funny and yes, pretty, which she knows how to use.

It’s a challenging, ironic (I think her act, American as it is, would work in the UK) updating of raucous, ribald Jewish-American humour. My girlfriend likes Jerry Seinfeld’s and Larry David’s acts (recently saw the latter on the box and understand the appeal) and I think would like this as well.

‘Jesus is magic’ is just a random line from Sarah’s act, not the theme of the film. In context it captures well an outsider’s view of Christians.

As for the American RC bishops having somebody rate films, it’s a good idea in theory but I agree with Domenico Bettinelli and his readers that some of the ratings are off the wall and the reviewer seems strangely enthusiastic about Brokeback Mountain’s (which I’ve not seen) theme. The ‘L’ rating is a good idea. (Even Evelyn Waugh wanted to drop the Index Librorum Prohibitorum.) Of course people one doesn’t necessarily agree with can and do make good art.

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