Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Bloggery and other Internet stuff
No Christmas slump this year
In blog hits — for the first time. Thanks, everyone!

The latest spambot game
I still have a rarely used htmlgear guestbook (redundant now that there are blog comments boxes) and thought I could weed out the diet-pill and herbal-Viagra pedlars by banning the posting of hyperlinks. But they get round that by cramming all their junk into the name field. Alas.

Proof that Friendster is over
I started an account for the hell of it and forgot about it. All it gets is porn-webcam spam like icky tumbleweeds (or used Kleenexes) rolling through a ghost town.

So much of the Internet is a tip anyway — but not this corner of it of course, LOL.

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