Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Christmas humour
From Bernard Brandt

No Christmas for you

Cavalcade of bad Nativities

Tatty angels

The piggy looks like hip fun — I’m not sure what if anything it means
• Isn’t this illegal in some places?

Bad Passion images

And from here:

One of the most bizarre things I’ve ever seen
Is it some hipster making fun of the Catholic faith like Andres Serrano or is it a very confused expression of it? The joy in a real face of somebody receiving grace and strength from what’s depicted is one thing (one of the joyful paradoxes of the faith?) but this?!

In short these hilarious examples point to why I believe in Mass-and-office Catholicism: my answer to the ‘neocons’ who might wonder why I don’t simply give up all that artsy-fartsy old-fashioned stuff and instead go in for this sort of devotionalism.

I mean, who needs Old World craftsmanship when you’ve got Pweshus Moments?

Cheap toy round-up
The drunk dragon is probably my favourite — laughed hard for at least two minutes non-stop

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