Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Eastern churches

Ukrainian Catholic Church talks about SSPX affiliates’ activity in the Ukraine
Here is my view on the Transalpine Redemptorists and Fr Basil Kovpak’s Society of St Josaphat. They’re wrong about some things but doubtless mean well. They’re in Galicia — there aren’t many Orthodox there (and haven’t been for centuries), they know the Orthodox hate them anyway, they associate the Orthodox with the Communist rule of their country and banning of their church and, regarding the official UGCC, perhaps they want something Catholic and not interpretive dance at Communion as happened during John Paul the Overrated’s visit to their country. (And that helped dialogue with the Orthodox how?)

But again self-latinising/adopting Polishisms* (old or new) goes against the mind of the church as far back as St Pius X himself (nec plus, nec minus, nec aliter)! It’s nothing to do with Vatican II.

And speaking of the mind of the church on this issue, it should be Archbishop Ihor, not Archbishop Vozniak.
a matter of consciously joining a group separated from the Catholic Church
The SSPX aren’t the little liberal Utrecht communion — they aren’t schismatic on principle — so calling them that isn’t fair.

*Blog reader Tomasz (from Poland?) notes that this should be Polonisms.

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