Monday, December 26, 2005

Four from LRC
The case for the gold standard

Victory for whom?

On flag pins

Similarly in Britain the only people who display the national flag a lot are Ulstermen of the Protestant persuasion

The fury of angels
Joe Sobran might like to know that the traditional Book of Common Prayer ends clauses and sentences with prepositions, just like the way many of us talk.

Paul Fussell (search the blog) notes that many people misremember the rules about nominative vs accusative or prepositional cases* (I or he vs me or him: My friend and I went, not Me and my friend went). Half-remembering the schoolmarmish lesson they say between you and I and while Coverdale in the Prayer Book gets it right — O deliver me from my persecutors : for they are too strong for me (Psalm 141/142:8) I’ve seen attempts at Tudor-style English that seem to fall into the trap and say I.

*Learn Latin or Russian (and most other Slavic languages) and you’ll catch onto these right quick.

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