Wednesday, December 21, 2005

From blog member Lee Penn
Cheney carried the nuclear codes in Afghanistan
Lee writes: There is a lot of stuff about the Presidential claim of unlimited power as long as the present war lasts. But there is also this, toward the bottom of the story ...

Quotation, with bold added by Lee:
"Cheney in Afghanistan

Cheney then flew to Kabul, where he watched from the front row as Afghanistan's national assembly took its first oath of office.

Nedra Pickler of the Associated Press describes Cheney's chaotic arrival in Afghanistan.

"The Cheneys' seven-hour visit to Afghanistan began when their unmarked C-17 cargo plane landed at Bagram Air Base. They then flew by helicopter to a spot outside the parliament building. The chopper stirred up a massive dust storm, but the Cheneys were shielded when they ducked into a black sport-utility vehicle.

"Security forces surrounded the Cheneys' vehicle and walked along as it moved with their hands on the side of the vehicle. A gun-toting Afghan soldier dressed in fatigues pushed the rest of Cheney's entourage against an outside wall until the gates to the parliament building closed behind them.

"Afghan security forces insisted on searching all the bags carried by members of Cheney's staff and the press who were left outside.

"Secret Service agents objected, saying they had already been checked. A White House advance staffer already on site came out and angrily demanded that the Afghans admit military aides carrying the briefcase that contains the U.S. government's nuclear weapon codes.

"'I'm telling you to open the gates now,' the White House staffer said. 'These are the vice president's military aides.'

"The Afghans allowed Cheney's military aides through but insisted on doing complete body searches of the rest of his traveling party."
Lee writes this conclusion: The VP carries the nuclear football? Who knew?

And he carried the codes to the Middle East?

Anyway, if Cheney carried the football ... does W have one too? How many others are there?

I think we have our proof of who the real President is, and it is not the Texan. [End.]

We already knew it isn’t the Texan.

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