Sunday, December 18, 2005

From blog member Samer al-Batal

The final days of Holy Trinity Church
Original headline: Sale of traditional church signals death knell for Catholic Boston

Indigenous churches vs. the Protestant menace
The piece is a couple of years old, but Samer thought it was still worth posting.

Samer writes: Or alternatively, plain old Christians vs. glittery, *$@VE|}* Christians

Religious tussle in the Middle East, from present-day Evangelicals...
"They concentrate 100 percent on Christians," says Reverend Ibrahim N. Ibrahim, bishop of the Chaldean diocese in the United States. "They never proselytize Muslims." the Protestants of yore.
"The Oriental Church is the canker at the heart of Christianity, and inasmuch as it is the chief point of contact with Islam, it behoves the Christian world to renovate the system which so unworthily represents its cause in the Near East."
Samer writes: To be fair, however, and painful as it is to concede this, any criticism such may have or have had of the ever-ongoing and shameful Holy Land spectacle of squabbling clerics of different churches duking it out over Christianity’s holiest sites would likely not be too off the mark. This probably wasn’t the precedent St Nicholas had in mind to set.

Bulgaria begins pullout from Iraq

Indonesian Muslims to guard churches this Christmas

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