Wednesday, December 28, 2005

From Canterbury Tales
The faith of C.S. Lewis
A timely posting tying into ‘the Chroni — what? — cles of Narnia’, LOL. He didn’t identify with the Anglo-Catholicism I like despite its faults but as Fr Taylor Marshall points out in this comprehensive overview to those new to the topic he was far more Catholic than his evangelical Protestant fans in America today. He enjoyed beer — I’ve made my pilgrimage to the Eagle and Child — and pipes and had a bawdy sense of humour, somebody who would have been comfortable in Chaucer’s world. (His academic subject was mediæval English literature.) He didn’t like ACism or go over to Rome (as it was at the time) for at least two reasons: he was a Protestant from Northern Ireland, and never shook that no-popery prejudice, and one of the horrible boarding schools in England he was sent to as a boy was run by an AC priest.

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