Monday, December 26, 2005

From Fr James Tucker
Stop apologising for Christmas or being Christian
From an English atheist:
"Stand up for Christmas, archbishops tell their flocks", our headline read... was a rare instance in our lifetimes of the Church of England actually standing up for something, and actually being right...
They’re right about the war on Iraq as well.
It was also shocking, however, that in a country with an established Christian church, and whose Muslim population (for example) is only around three per cent, such an exhortation should be felt necessary.

... I rejoice wholeheartedly as an atheist that I live in a Christian culture, and I know that, in that undeniably hypocritical act, I am not alone.

Indeed, it is not just those who, like me, were born into Christian families who feel this way: so do many Muslims and Jews, and it is one of the reasons that they are so happy to live in our country and be surrounded by that culture.

It is bewildering, therefore, that there should apparently be people here who take such offence at Christmas, and against whom a brace of archbishops feel the need to take up their croziers. I suspect they are very few in number and exert an influence far in excess of their real strength.
Reminds me of Joe Sobran’s gratitude to Protestant America.

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