Friday, December 23, 2005

From The Remnant via Traditio in Radice
Michael Matt remembers ethnic-German Catholic Christmases past
Our poor children may live long enough to see Christmas outlawed altogether in our brave new world, even as it was once before by the Pilgrims who invented Thanksgiving out of contempt for the “popish” feast of Christmas.
Did the Puritan colonists celebrate it every year and for this reason? I thought that its invention was to do with pro-US government Civil War propaganda, based on the Pilgrim story. Before that, such celebrations were one-offs. And the English Anglicans at Jamestown and, before them, the Spanish Roman Catholics at San Agustín, Florida had thanksgiving celebrations before the first Christmas-hating dissenter set foot in America (more). Harvest Sunday in English churches, also a 19th-century invention but at least somewhat based on mediæval customs, is roughly like it.

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