Tuesday, December 20, 2005

From Robert Thomas Llizo
Democracy or theocracy?
While not my favourite writer, Fr Ambrose (Alexey/Craig Young) sometimes makes good Catholic points including here — religious liberty as a relative good. It doesn’t work as an absolute and can corrupt one’s view of the church (making one think one can change revelation, natural law and defined doctrine by vote... rather how the Anglican Communion operates today).

Of course parents, clergy, kings, PMs and American presidents (everybody really) have to answer to a higher authority (as the old Hebrew National hot-dog ad said) and when they don’t, that deserves ridicule and those who don’t can and should be replaced.
the noble and courtly etiquette of church and Divine services
isn’t clericalism (exalting the priesthood for its own sake) but sacerdotalism, a Catholic principle, and reflects the hierarchy of the universe as Fr Ambrose alludes to.
We can cultivate true piety, reverence and devotion only by submitting ourselves — not to "majority rule"
Nor to tyrants.
but to the All-Holy Trinity — Father, Son and Holy Spirit, God. This is the authority that counts.
No objections here.

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