Thursday, December 29, 2005

From Tantum Ergo
To Timotheus
As only your blogging team can leave comments and you’ve got no e-mail link I’ll write this message to you here. As you start this work, if you haven’t yet please have a look at this page, which tries to do much the same thing. What you wrote echoes Fulton Sheen: many hate what they think the church is, not what it really is. I know that you’ve seen Occidentalis including this entry on a man and essay I’ve blogged before.

You’ve got an interesting entry on icons. The two of Christ straddle either side of the line separating inculturation of Western style while remaining Byzantine (at which the 19th-century Russians excelled) and uncanonical hybridisation (latinisation)*. Regarding the latter you’re correct criticising mixing the practices of two or more rites — I’ve long found it hypocritical and patronising that liberals who act like iconoclasts in their native Western rite say they looooove icons. Confusion of rites is also a mark of a vagante. But when conservative or traditional Western Catholics use icons it’s with the same intention as the Orthodox so no, that’s not offensive.

*Rome bans it because it wants to protect the Eastern rites but this is often disobeyed.

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