Tuesday, December 20, 2005

More on freedom of religion
It's interesting to note how "multi-faithism" plays out in India vs in the USA. There, it is a secular government as well, but all religions are included in everything, instead of shoved out. So you have all major religions' holidays as state holidays, people are given accomodations for their beliefs at work and school, etc. You see religious symbols everywhere in India. As a Christian minority there when I visited twice, I never felt uncomfortable, and was happy that they could do their thing and I could do mine.
From Fr James Tucker
Still more
To be more accurate, it's about the silly PC notion that [only] certain minorities have a right not to be offended.
Yes, privileged classes: the Marxist notion that blacks can never be guilty of racism, to give only one example, because they’ve been oppressed and that exempts them from acting like decent human beings. (Which in that case, if you think about it, sounds rather racist of the liberals to believe!)
If we're civilized, we'll politely make a certain effort not to be offensive to others; but, at the same time, if we're civilized, we'll realize that offensiveness is generally a relative sort of thing, and we'll not allow ourselves to get all indignant at the fact that someone, somewhere is doing something we don't approve of. You have a right to be offended, and a right (I suppose) to be offensive within reasonable limits, but you don't have a right not to be offended. That's the price of living with other human beings.

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