Tuesday, December 27, 2005

New bill aims to curtail mail-order marriage abuse
Because of things like this ... the flip side of this. I’ve heard Russians talk about this sort of thing, long considered a joke that only middle-aged saddos fall for: Russian women ripping off American men. (As the Russians told me, ‘Russian women, subservient? HA!’) As you can see why such men are single, so you can see the abuse risk that innocent Russian and other women are taking with this.

By the way I’ve been shown the advertising for these services: unsurprisingly they’re insulting to Russians really. Believe me, being piously Eastern Orthodox isn’t presented as the big draw. Rather, Russians are described as ‘easy’, thanks to their Soviet upbringing, not at all hung up on religion like ‘those Catholic girls’ at Third World dating services so they don’t care if the saddo using the service is divorced, etc.

I’ve seen a suggestion online to start an Orthodox or Byzantine Catholic charity specifically to help wronged/abused Russian and Ukrainian mail-order brides. Maybe the Russians in places like Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, where the Russian Church Abroad has a thriving parish, or the Ukrainian Catholic Church can try to reach out to these women.

Господи, помилуй!

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