Thursday, December 29, 2005

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Or another culture-wars red herring, even though chances are that objectively this depiction of Jesus is wrong and blasphemous. Wildmon and his crew, and probably WND as well, need to get a clue: they’re giving this probably mediocre show free advertising!

As I wrote in the comments, even with this unintended help I predict it will go down the toilet faster than ‘Nothing Sacred’ (about a ‘cool’, irreverent, modelly-looking RC priest) and before that ‘Soul Man’ with Dan Aykroyd as an Episcopal priest and dad. (Remember that? If you blinked you missed it.)

Looks about as realistic a depiction of Episcopalians and their church life as ‘JAG’ was of military lawyers. (That is, not at all.)

I agree that the funniest thing here is that Hollywood is so out of touch they don’t seem to realise that liberal churches are dying.

It’s just a lapsed RC’s bizarro fantasy.

And as my girlfriend points out it’s a ripoff of ‘Desperate Housewives’ (which itself seems a suburbanised copy of ‘Sex and the City’). The viewers who made ‘Housewives’ a hit aren’t going to regard a soap about Episcopalians as ‘must-see’.

P.S. Even though I know it was soft propaganda for the wrong side I found ‘The Vicar of Dibley’ (the occasional vehicle, no longer made, of English comedienne Dawn French) cute and mostly harmless because it wasn’t all that clever.

P.P.S. A quotation:
Liberal habit-less nuns in sensible shoes, whitewashed barren parishes, gee-tars, and cheap polyester vestments make lousy television.
- From Ship of Fools

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