Friday, December 16, 2005

Three from LRC
The war on strawmen
By Harry Browne

There is a place for ‘Happy holidays’
It acknowledges two sets of holy days and thus is better than ‘Season’s greetings’. I used it yesterday in a work e-mail to somebody whose faith (or lack thereof) I of course don’t know. It respects both religion and people’s freedom and privacy. (English reserve, BTW, is largely about that kind of freedom — ‘personal space’ as Americans might say.)

‘Holiday tree’ is stupid though, which even the moderate secularisers are acknowledging.

Common sense on cases of teacher-teen affairs
They’re not child-molesters; they made a mistake. Probation and losing one’s teaching licence for ever are fair enough.

Modern secularism including political correctness isn’t big on common sense. It separates sex from both the unitive and the procreative, gives contraceptives to teens and shows them how to use them (and assures them there’s always an Endlösung when after much use those methods inevitably fail) yet pillories adults for taking all this to a logical conclusion. (One could mention media images like Britney Spears as well.)

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