Saturday, January 14, 2006

Anglican doings
The Rome Report
It seems that the Episcopal Church is now officially pro-abortion
No longer the church that introduced me to the Catholic faith nearly 30 years ago:
...and I believe that we shall be right to continue to see as one of Christianity’s greatest gifts to the world the belief that the human fœtus is to be reverenced as the embryo of a life capable of coming to reflect the glory of God whatever trials it may be going to face.
- +Michael Cantuar, from an address to the Convocation of Canterbury, 17th January, 1967

As if the open-pulpit canon of 1908 (at least those visiting non-episcopal preachers were Christian), the Pike affair (a generation before Spong the Broad Churchmen veered off into apostasy and got away with it), the attempted ordination of women and the clergy exchange with Lutherans (the Protestant view of ordination won) and Gene Robinson (having a gay bishop specifically to make a statement that evil is good) weren’t bad enough!

As a good friend recently wrote:
At the risk of sounding even more like Cassandra than usual, I'd say that in many ways, in most places, being an Anglo-Catholic is an impossible situation. I am one of those (and an Anglo-Papalist at that!) who remains in ECUSA, but only because of a peculiar parish history, and the desire to help maintain a tradition which has all but vanished. Even so, I can look to the day when I will be packing up and moving on. Personally, I would not suggest to anyone that they should join ECUSA or become an Anglo-Catholic in any formal sense. Those who appear at my parish are welcome to participate in what we do, of course, but most of us who remain recognize that it is a transitional situation, at best.
Lord, in thy mercy: hear our prayer.

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