Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Eastern churches and Anglo-Catholicism
St Tikhon at Episcopal bishop’s consecration in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
Here is the famous picture! He’s No. 12 at the far right. As has been noted here he’s not vested but in his full monastic habit including purple bishop’s mantia (cape) with blocks (and crosses) and stripes — choir dress.

As for asking Bishop Grafton (seated, front centre) to co-consecrate Bishop Raphael, it doesn’t make sense according to Orthodox theology so that story is probably apocryphal but the picture proves the point that holy Russians circa 1900 weren’t necessarily nor particularly hostile to other Christians, especially other Catholic-minded ones.

Bishop Kozlowski (who is liturgically vested: he’s No. 4 at the far left, the one in baroque RC vesture complete with shovel-ended stole) was in one of several Polish immigrant schisms in America at the time (which can be blamed at least partially on high-handed treatment by the Irish in charge of RC dioceses*) that later merged with the Polish National Catholic Church** started in Scranton, Pa. in 1897, which was indeed part of the Utrecht Old Catholic communion.

Mentioned recently to my girlfriend that in England ‘Old Catholic’ carries a different meaning entirely — it refers to those upper-class families who never accepted the ‘Reformation’ and Elizabethan settlement, surviving penal times and remaining RC to this day.

Update: Benjamin Andersen (here is the entry) points out that Fr Matthew Thurman beat me to this about two years ago. Here and here are Fr Matthew’s detailed descriptions of what happened, including the names of everybody in the photo.

P.S. Note to Fr M: the rochet, chimere and tippet aren’t really Protestant at all but rather the mediæval English form of Roman Rite choir dress.

*The same reason St T ended up with much of his flock being back East and Ruthenian.

**They’re still around, though small and getting smaller, basically a Novus Ordo clone now.

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