Saturday, January 28, 2006

From Canterbury Tales

Ecclesiastical ignorance in the media
‘You mean the Pope’s also the bishop of Rome?!’ And ‘crow’s ear’, LOL.

Fr Taylor Marshall debunks a myth commonly believed by those with a passing acquaintance with Anglicanism:

The Book of Common Prayer ≠ the Sarum Mass
Even its 1549 form, which has an acceptable (but not perfect) ordo of Mass. (The Anglican Use of the Novus Ordo isn’t Sarum either.) This myth is as persistent and annoying as these commoner ones:

• The BCP and King James Bible are in Old English. (Beowulf mathelode, bearn Ecgtheowes... I don’t think so.)
Thou is the formal you. (Other way round.)
• Western Catholic traditionalism is really mostly about having everything in Latin again. A lie told by the other side, who know the rank and file don’t want that. Having given them the threat/false choice ‘it’s either us or back to Latin’ they can claim that their agenda’s got popular support.
• And the closely related lie that what RCs use now is simply a translation of the old Mass.

Be sure to read Fr Marshall’s entries on contraception too.

P.S. Fr Joseph Huneycutt on another detail that showed ‘The Book of Daniel’ was obviously imaginary:
Daniel's church is packed with people every Sunday. The Episcopal Church is actually dwindling in size, a decline accelerated by recent controversies over sex and theology.

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