Saturday, January 14, 2006

From Dr Philip Blosser
This looks worth reading
[Joseph] Varacalli describes how and why Catholic America has essentially failed to shape the American Republic in any significant way. American society has never experienced a "Catholic moment" -- the closest it came was during the immediate post-World War II era -- nor is it now close to approximating one. Varacalli identifies as the cause of the current situation the "failed community" of Catholic America: an ineffective and dissent-ridden set of organizational arrangements that has not succeeded in adequately communicating the social doctrine of the Church to Catholic Americans or to the key idea-generating sectors of American life.
Compare this to (search the blog) The Church Confronts Modernity by Thomas Woods. Catholic Action in the early C20 had the answers. Neither the ageing boomer liberals running church institutions nor the neoconnerie supporting Mr Bush do.

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