Sunday, January 15, 2006

From Drake Adams
Following up on this story
Apparently this Oriental Orthodox offshoot has its own rather respectable-looking (not vagante foolishness) Western Rite experiment (obviously ex-Anglicans) just like the Eastern Orthodox

What’s amazing about the Oriental family of churches — Copts, Ethiopians, Armenians, the Syrian Church and its Malankara Church in India — is that with only three of the œcumenical councils accepted as doctrine you’ve still essentially got Catholicism. (Version 2.0, circa 451.) They separated from the larger church back in classical times, with this as the catalyst (fuelled by linguistic misunderstandings?), essentially because they didn’t want to be under the Greeks. (Who reacted thus: you’re not in our empire, so you’re not in the church.) The near-consensus now is that they aren’t and never really were Monophysites nor the Assyrians (Version 1.0, who accept only two councils!) Nestorians.

FYI: the Missale Anglicanum (early C20 — also see this) and the 1549 Communion service ‘commonly called the Masse’ are different and about 362 years apart.

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