Saturday, January 14, 2006

From Fr James Tucker
Ethiopian Christians in America mourn death of Archbishop Yesehaq (Isaac)
Bob Marley converted to the Church of Ethiopia:
Yesehaq's work in the Caribbean began after [Emperor Haile] Selassie visited Jamaica in 1966 and was thronged by local Rastafarians, who saw Selassie as a modern-day messiah. According to church leaders, Selassie denied being a deity and urged Yesehaq to try to draw the Rastafarians to the Ethiopian church. Yesehaq served many Jamaicans and others of Caribbean descent, in the islands and in immigrant enclaves in the United States. Among them was Marley, at whose funeral Yesehaq officiated in 1981.
I didn’t know there was a schism and apparently the archbishop’s group aren’t now in the Ethiopian Church:
In the 1990s, Yesehaq declared the Western branch of Ethiopian Orthodoxy independent of the hierarchy in Addis Ababa, rejecting the authority of the new patriarch, Abuna Paulos. The rift endures today, although there are no liturgical differences between the two branches.

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