Saturday, January 21, 2006

The latest blog meme
Four jobs I’ve had:
• One of my first jobs was when I was in high school, doing yard work including having to climb a ladder and get on the roof to clean out the gutters — I didn’t last very long
• Telemarketing — it took me six years to land on my feet after I set out on my own, which meant a few jobs like this. But this was relatively cool because it was to sell theatre tickets — fairly nice, artsy people (they threw a good party while I was with them) and I got to see a couple of free shows (Noël Coward’s The Vortex and the musical Me and My Girl).
• Film and theatre critic for a newspaper: getting comped to see many of the latest movies, good (Lone Star, Chaplin, Courage Under Fire) and bad (The Pest, very bad indeed), and meeting more fun theatre people
• Newspaper or magazine sub-editor/copy editor (11 years and still going, Deo gratias)

Four movies I could watch over and over (I don’t usually do that, but... ):
• The first Star Wars — it holds up even after 29 years!
What’s Up, Doc? or Foul Play (same idea really)
The Sixth Sense (apparently M. Night Shyamalan’s only good one)
The Family Man, not all the time but once a year during Advent/Christmas... and/or Scrooge, the musical with Albert Finney

Four places I’ve lived:
• Johnson County, Kansas — a suburb of Kansas City, Mo. and not as boring as you might think. Lovely people, or at least they were 25 years ago.
• Morris County, New Jersey
• Cowley, Oxford, England
• In and near Philadelphia — not perfect but good enough. Close enough to New York if you want some excitement but cheap enough to be liveable.

Four TV shows I love to watch:
• The news, both local (crimes, fires and the weather) and national/international (BBC World News for example)
• All the ‘Law & Order’ shows
• ‘Crossing Jordan’
• ‘Medium’

Four highly regarded and recommended TV shows I’ve not seen:
• ‘thirtysomething’
• ‘The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd’
• ‘The Sopranos’
• ‘Desperate Housewives’

Four places I’ve been on holiday:
• With Jeff Culbreath to St Paisius Abbey in Forestville, Calif. outside Santa Rosa, part of the monastic communities co-founded by Fr Seraphim (Rose)
• London
• York, including walking on the wall that William Wallace’s troops stormed in Braveheart
• Chicago

Four websites I visit daily:
LRC, my morning paper with coffee
Fr Joseph Huneycutt
Jump the Shark

Four favourite foods:
• Hunan chicken and shrimp with broccoli on white rice from a Philadelphia Chinese place alas now closed
• Indian food: lamb saag waala on basmati rice, tandoori chicken, naan and some grapes and lime or orange slices
• Spaghetti bolognese from the unpretentious local eat-house run by friendly Greeks... with Kindzmarauli red wine from the country of Georgia (the wine that Russians drink)
• Голубцы (stuffed cabbage) and potato pierogi made by Slavic grannies or, in England, sausage rolls and ploughman’s pasties ...and a pint of good beer (red or darker, except I also like weisse beer)

Four places I’d rather be (make that ‘like to see’ for the last two):
• Here but with more money
• London
• Eastern Europe so I can say I’ve been there
• The Mediterranean coast, where the British visit or move to keep from going insane, to see what this dolce vita thing is about

• Whoever’d like to play

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