Tuesday, January 31, 2006

LRC blog picks
Cost of war
We are not designed to kill each other, though the state--that criminal gang writ large--plays the devil's advocate here as elsewhere. Its military training is about overcoming this natural reluctance. It doesn't always work, of course. Many of the physically unwounded soldiers, especially those from the reserves and national guard who are forced to go, return from Iraq spiritually and mentally maimed. A startling number take their own lives. Here is just one horrific story of the sort that doesn't make the national media.
- Lew Rockwell

On libertarianism
...the main reason I am a libertarian is because the state, through its hired managers, seeks to impose meaning on the world and tell individual human beings what their lives mean. The state or the collective (such as the community or the "nation") seeks to impose value by telling you what you can live for (or what you must live for), what you can (or must) die for, and when. I have concluded that no one -- not George W. Bush, not Usama bin Laden, nobody -- has that right save me and God.
- Charles Featherstone

Well and good but how do you keep that from becoming a kind of Protestant private judgement, the way Modernists abuse the term reason to chuck out scripture and the rest of tradition? (Including private judgement that’s the false gospel of selfishness that libertarians are often accused of.) The answer is that the world already has an inherent meaning given by God; the Catholic faith in part involves submitting ourselves to that objective reality (what the Schoolmen and classical Anglican divines meant by reason) while the state in the bad sense talked about by libertarians wants to ‘create its own reality’ — ‘impose meaning’ — against what is real.

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