Wednesday, January 25, 2006

News of the weird
Holy hooters, Batman
As I’ve written there’s a place for the celebration of beauty, an expression of desire, of healthy sexuality. This isn’t an example of that. It’s a Novus Ordo priest looking craven, begging for the secular world’s acceptance by blessing a sleazy business that the left (having ripped off Christianity) rightly abhor. As a libertarian, and remember, the church historically has been so about prostitution*, I’ll defend this business’ right to exist. As a churchman I object to ‘blessing’ what is for many an occasion of sin.

*As alluded to by Jeff Culbreath:
Before Christendom was rent asunder, every Catholic society had its own unique "bestting sin" or vice that was winked at by the majority, and the same goes for individuals and factions in the Church today - even the right factions.

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