Friday, January 06, 2006

On the box
‘The Book of Daniel’
I saw part of it. Ship of Fools puts it well:
...bad melodrama. I think it's meant to be taken seriously, but with a family set-up that dysfunctional, it looks likely to be unintentionally satirical.
‘Knots Landing’ with Gothic architecture and clerical collars. Or imagine if ‘Arrested Development’ took itself seriously. Oh, and the title character’s friend the RC priest (who looks sound — hospital chaplain in black suit and little reversible purple/white silk stole, holding a rosary — as of course telly needs good visuals) is connected to... the Mafia! (Those Eye-ties.) Somebody for Fr Webster’s country-club (American version of gin-and-Jag) Broad Church parishioners to look down upon when they’re not speaking stilted dialogue about the Henrician schism and Gene Robinson, nicking their kids’ painkillers, gossiping among themselves and surreptitiously having it off with each other. (Just like every Anglican I’ve ever known. Like druggy rabbits, the lot of them.) Good to see Dan Hedaya working though, doing his working-class white character-actor thing.

I think my original posting on this silly thing will turn out to be prophetic.

That said...

From Fr Joseph Huneycutt
"I don't think NBC would have portrayed a Muslim cleric or a Buddhist monk, the Dalai Lama, in a show this way. Why? Because they know to do so would be mean-spirited and insensitive," said Bob Waliszewski, of Focus on the Family's teen ministries. (Source.)
Correct. Or a rabbi unless NBC wanted B’nai Brith breathing down their necks calling them the Nazi Broadcasting Corp. There is a double standard. Then again one doesn’t pay all this attention, even negative attention, to something one doesn’t take seriously. Followers of the Great Green Qu-Tub aren’t targets.

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