Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The truth about Joseph P., John and Ted Kennedy
Already known to many, here in convenient outline form. The site seems neocon-biased, accusing the senior US senator from Massachusetts of abetting ‘terrorists’ (oh, please). Old Joe, a real snake, was like his friend Joe McCarthy on Communist agents, accidentally right, or right for the wrong reasons, about US involvement in World War II, his hatred of Jews notwithstanding.

One can see, in addition to ‘the end of the world’ about to take place, why a ‘Catholic moment’ in America never happened. (Camelot? Bollocks, all of it.)

Cardinal Cushing was corrupt but the No. 1 RC cleric in the States, Francis Cardinal Spellman in New York (not the most spiritual of men but not evil either), a Massachusetts man who initially made Cushing, was smart enough not to be suckered by the Kennedys. (He was for Nixon in 1960.)

The unvarnished truth about Jack makes it plausible that his assassination was a coup and Oswald really an American agent (recruited by Naval Intelligence while a Marine for a CIA phoney-defector operation).

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