Friday, February 17, 2006

Another use for those annoying AOL CDs we’re saturated with

From Slate
Pretending Guantánamo doesn’t exist
And although he left the Catholic faith many years ago, thus squandering his anti-apartheid cred, Archbishop Desmond Tutu gets this one right, just like the West Bank in Palestine (‘a bantustan’)

Is blogging over as a business opportunity?

Abortion and contraception
The secular world doesn’t want to ‘get it’
Men must take more responsibility
So far, so good, then the other shoe drops:
through condoms, etc.
Partial quotation worth something (not that Jansenism is the answer):
...hypersexualizing everything from cars to small children — we will have a lot of unintended pregnancy (and a lot of sexually transmitted diseases and sexual violence)
In other words they don’t want the natural consequences of their actions. ‘Duh.’

This is their big non serviam: trying to punk the Almighty as a line on ‘Will & Grace’ once said. As I like to say, all heresy, apostasy and dissent ultimately come from where God and his creation, matter, directly interact (Jesus said he’d cause division!) and that breaks down into three subjects: the Incarnation (what Jesus is), what the Eucharist is and sex, the last of course being the only one of interest to the secular.

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