Saturday, February 25, 2006

Ecclesiastical doings
The Devout Life
What many people do not understand about Zenit is that it is a publication of the Legionaries of Christ. They run it and as all Trads will know, they are the leaders in the Neo-Caths' little agenda the main gist of which is to keep Catholics thinking that really, everythying in the chanceries and in Rome is just tootie-footie-hunky-dunky.
Speculation: Why ‘Archbishop Twenty-Three’ didn’t get a red hat
Perhaps unlike his predecessor the Holy Father isn’t handing them out like free samples and really is a friend of the Roman Mass. We’ll see.

Eastern churches
Soul Saturday
It is a holy and wholesome thought to pray for the dead that they may be loosed from their sins.
- 2 Maccabees 12:46
To those who have been swallowed up by the seas, to those whom war hath cut down, to those carried away by earthquakes, to those killed by assassins and to those burnt up in fires, grant, O Lord, a share in the heritage of the saints.

R. O Lord, give rest to the souls of thy servants who have fallen asleep.
- From the Canon for Matins today in the Eastern Orthodox rite

Greek fringe group leaves Russian Church Abroad (more)
As the latter possibly will rejoin the Russian Church now that the USSR is long gone

Probably good riddance.

The row in the OCA
• No wonder so many people hate religion
• That said, it’s nothing to do with religion as such*, and financial wrongdoing and bishop vs bishop have gone on since biblical times (there was Ananias in Acts, and St Cyril of Alexandria wasn’t particularly nice, to give two examples)
• This is a small, ageing ethnic denomination (with some nice people in it) that, despite the small counter-current of the 20-years-on convert boomlet, really can’t afford to rip itself apart
• ISTM that whistle-blower Fr Deacon Eric Wheeler and Archbishop Job (a lovely man I’m told) are in the right and those attacking them are by so doing making themselves look guilty as sin (rather like, as my girlfriend observed, the cover-up in the American RC gay-priest scandal). These chaps don’t even look above-board.

From Pontifications
Episcopal woman minister changes mind about Catholic orders, resigns (more)
Gaudent angeli. It’s happened before, though of course there’s liberal crossover in the other direction. (‘The Episcopal Church welcomes you: We’re more lenient than the church you’re mad at.’) The first woman ordained for the Church of Ireland and the wife of an American politician are now Roman Catholic laity as is Jennifer Ferrara of First Things, a former Lutheran pastor. And of course there are the Revd Judith Gentle-Hardy and the Anglican Communion Network, rather like my own Central Church friends: things are so bad in the Episcopal Church that even the women ministers who are still Christian are leaving. (Apparently because of Gene Robinson: ‘evil is good’.)

From David’s Daily Diversions
For all his problems, I don’t think John Knox would have gone in for this either

*Even the Articles of Religion, wrong on so much, get that right.

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