Friday, February 24, 2006

From Cacœthes Scribendi
South Dakota passes abortion ban
Again, perfectly reasonable: medically necessary abortions (a microscopic number) would remain legal just like they were before the late 1960s

Allowing abortions for rape and incest really says one has the right to kill you for the sins and crimes your father committed.

Operation Rescue
One need not appeal directly to religion (‘biblical mandates’*) to ban elective abortions: they violate the harm principle (the limit to your freedom is you can’t harm others) of libertarianism just like murder of the already born. It can be argued that this principle is derived from Christianity and indeed simply from natural religion (several religions have the golden rule and forms of the commandments regarding human relations) but in this form it works with religious liberty.

From Mark Shea
Socialist propaganda for little ones
They left out the sample page that says, "Democrats make sure Mommy could have scissors stuck in your brain as you were being born." An oversight, no doubt.
*Which from a Catholic worldview also cover killing Iraqis for no good reason.

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