Wednesday, February 15, 2006

From Fr Joseph Huneycutt
Satanist kid lit
I understand many of them don’t believe in a literal devil — which is fine with him. This seems like the popular idea of what Ayn Rand was about. Some things in it are true (the most dangerous kind of lie?) but it’s really only a false gospel of selfishness.

Very different from a Catholic libertarianism or libertarianism in general with its respect for other people’s freedom — the ‘harm principle’ (don’t harm others), which of course rules out Satanism’s teaching that revenge is good.

The narcissism of yuppies (as they were called 20 years ago) and New Agers.

What’s really scary is their name is legion: lots of people who’ve never heard of Anton LaVey think and live exactly like this.

I wonder what my acquaintance Dr Lawrence Sipe, a university lecturer who specialises in children’s literature and is also a traditional Anglo-Catholic priest, would make of this little book. It’s probably crap.

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