Sunday, February 26, 2006

From Katolik Shinja
Fault-line through Europe
On the idea that the parts of the continent not in the Roman Empire were never fully churched and so went Protestant:
It is a fascinating phenomenon... that the fault-line of the northern Reformation corresponds more or less to the old frontiers of the Roman Empire. Civilization and Catholicism to the south; barbarians, and hence Protestantism, to the north.
- Passage of dialogue from Father Elijah: An Apocalypse

Makes a valid historical and spiritual point but how does one answer the argument that at least since the ‘Enlightenment’ the Protestant nations (which have taken that path to a logical conclusion and become ‘post-Christian’ — I hate that expression) have become world powers whilst the Catholic ones to the south and east have declined?

They pride themselves on being more civilised than the historic south and east, whom they regard as superstitious and backward, but then again their societies (one can fairly include colonies and ex-colonies here) brought us the atomic bomb (and used it, which horrifies really civilised people), apartheid and abortion on demand.

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