Thursday, February 16, 2006

From last year via Sacramentum Vitæ
By Christina Hoff Sommers
Whose books I recommend and you can buy through the Amazon link in this blog (and by so doing, incidentally, support this blog)

Why the double standard? liberal cosmology, women are victims and men are perps. Accordingly, the former should be allowed to celebrate their sexuality in whatever manner they see fit, no matter how vulgar, offensive, or discriminatory. It's a way of compensating them for their victimhood, after all. Men enjoy no such right, but never mind: perps have no rights.
Right: bolshie rubbish.

But of course celebrations of healthy sexuality are right out: as of a year ago ‘V-Day’ has replaced Valentine’s Day at about 500 American colleges (including craven RC ones).

Speaking of privileged classes, Michael Liccione notes:

It is legal to discriminate against Christians in the US
In that system the state is supposed to be religiously neutral, giving ‘the free exercise’ of religion to Catholics and others

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