Thursday, February 23, 2006

From Mere Comments
Fr Leonid Kishkovsky at the WCC
• Does anybody really take the WCC seriously? (From mainline to oldline to sideline.)
• No different really from the statements from RC bishops’ conferences only perhaps gutsier about Iraq and, in Fr L’s case, without the bad liturgy.
• Of course he’s right about Iraq.
• It’s bound to cheese off a goodly part of the Orthodox convert boomlet! (Those who politically are in the Protestant religious right.)
• It’s perhaps politically naïve about government’s rôles in the economy and the environment but of course alms and good stewardship of creation are authentically Catholic.
• Don’t fall for the pathetic fallacy; remember the stopped clock.
• I don’t see anything heretical in what he read if you can accept that baptised Protestants are implicitly somehow part of the Body of Christ, a view not foreign to Catholicism.

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