Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Roman Mass
From Fr Anthony Chadwick

The latest rumour: Society of St Pius X to be regularised? (in French)
Fr Chadwick translates Fr Paul Aulagnier’s report:
We now know, as from Friday 13th January, according to the statements given to the media by Bishop [Bernard] Fellay, Superior General of the SSPX, that the Roman authorities who have charge of the file, Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos in particular, would be almost ready to "regularise" the canonical situation of the SSPX within the Church, by granting a "status of autonomy" to it. We need to appreciate the importance of this - that, indeed, they envisage establishing a "personal apostolic administration" like the one set up in 2001-2002, at Campos (Brazil).
And goes on to write:
The Society would, apparently, be renamed Personal Prelature of the Holy Saviour or similar (perhaps Apostolic Administration). They would be allowed to keep their internal organisation, bishops, the old Mass, their seminaries and so forth. It would be something like Opus Dei. What will be their relations with local diocesan bishops? A Roman Catholic blog suggests "Opus Dei was present in Milwaukee during the reign of Abp. Weakland, or perhaps in spite of Abp. Weakland; this suggests that, as a personal prelature, SSPX would be able to licitly go where no licit Tridentine Mass has gone... in 40 years".
I’ll believe it when I see it.

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