Wednesday, March 15, 2006

From Mere Comments
The implicitly Christian Dickens and his Russian fans (including Dostoevsky). I admit I don’t understand a lot of Dostoevsky but can recognise the Christianity in him.

Many forget that A Christmas Carol isn’t explicitly Christian at all, but then again I call a favourite modern film like it, The Family Man, Catholic for the same reasons. As blog member John Boyden has quoted, throwing church or a religious practice into a story doesn’t make it so.
Perhaps from the position of, as an Orthodox commenter puts it at Pontifications, "in Orthodox theology there is no sin nature or sinful nature. Our nature is good, there is no dialectical opposition here between nature and grace."
Crikey, I wouldn’t want to go near trying to unpack the first quoted sentence! It’s often claimed but hard to explain without sounding Pelagian. Best to leave that to the Schoolmen and others who’ve done the required reading. The second point is generally Christian and specifically Catholic, not peculiar to the East.

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