Saturday, March 18, 2006

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Dirty habit
Brokeback foreign policy: Uncle Sam to Death (the hooded guy with the scythe), ‘I just cain’t quit you!’

The meaning of free speech

Still more from Charley Reese, from
Consequences of a war state
We bombed Libya in a reprisal raid for a terrorist attack in Germany. Reprisals, in World War II, were considered war crimes.

The now-late Slobodan Milosevic was only trying to do what Abraham Lincoln did – prevent the secession of states from Yugoslavia.

Only God and George Bush know why we attacked Iraq. That was clearly a war of aggression, no different from the German invasion of Poland in the 1930s.
I’d amend that to say ‘George Bush’s minders’. I believe in the possibility that he tells untruths but isn’t lying: he believes in good armies and bad armies and what he’s told as he admits he doesn’t read the papers.
...war, except in self-defense, is a total waste.

Wars also destroy truth and trust with their secrecy and propaganda.

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