Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Mainline Protestant endgame
From Mere Comments
Ebenezer Lutheran Church
Feminist misandry becomes idolatry, which unsurprisingly is a kind of narcissism

Actually Pastor Boorn and the old German table-talker have got more in common that it seems. The latter was still Christian but Pr B has taken his private judgement (‘Jesus, yes! The church, no!’ to take up a Protestant-like refrain of dissenting RCs) to a logical end.

It’s also pandering born of desperation: white flight empties mainline places in the city so they try to cater to the upper-middle-class whites who still live there. Voilà: ‘affirming’ Episcopalians and ‘reconciling’ Lutherans and Methodists.

From Fr Joseph Huneycutt
Jonathan Edwards’ sixth-great-granddaughter officiates at gay wedding
Calvinism inevitably shatters into Unitarianism as Archbishop Robert Morse says: from ‘Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God’ to this.

BTW, of course this is insulting to American Indians. The elder Edwards was authentically Christian about race; Ms Edwards is equating that to behaviour.

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