Monday, March 06, 2006

The Oscars
I admit it; I’m out of it. Can count on one hand the times in the past 12 months I’ve set foot in the cinema. Saw a few cool obscure art-house films and one summer blockbuster. (You can search the blog to find links and more on these.)

• Kevin Bacon in The Woodsman
Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith: millions were spent on it and it’s already forgotten except by a few anoraks I suppose. A perfectly good comic-book adventure with ace special effects that like much good science fiction has political satire/allegory you can at least read into it. And Ewan McGregor doing a spot-on cut-glass impression of Sir Alec Guinness.
• Sarah Silverman’s stand-up meta-comedy schtick in Jesus Is Magic
Breakfast on Pluto, a no-hype alternative to the ‘alternative’, that gay-cowboy (or sheepherder or something) movie

As these come out on DVD you can support this blog by buying them through the Amazon box on the right-hand side of this page. Many thanks in advance!

Speaking of great online virtual shops and the changing face of commerce, locally in a huge mall (itself an endangered species?) both a chain bookshop and record shop are going out of business. Unless you’ve got a natural café hangout like Borders, why not? Less waste (of space, etc.) and less overhead. I can live the possible dream of being a bookshop-franchise owner thanks to Amazon.

I’d like to see Paradise Now.

To salvage some hip cred, I’ll say that I liked Ang Lee’s The Ice Storm (it rubbishes rich secular-WASP mores in the swinging 1970s) and Reese Witherspoon in Election as well as George Clooney in the summer blockbuster The Perfect Storm.

On the end of ‘The West Wing’
A programme I didn’t follow

• In spite of his crap views I can’t help liking Martin Sheen for this quotation:
People ask me if I’m a Communist. I say I’m something much more dangerous: I am a Catholic.
• Allison Janney is a thinking-man’s sexy woman.

Fun fact of the day
Murray Head of Chess (‘One Night in Bangkok’) is Tony Head’s (‘Buffy’) brother.

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